Coleoptera – corpses, crap, and celestial sh!te pushing

Human Skull being cleaned by Dermestid Beetles (Photo: Sklmsta)

It turns out that our irrelevant inordinate friends, the beetles, turn out to be pretty relevant. Here’s why:

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A fondness for beetles (beetles rock!!!!)

Photo: G Dallimore

When I talk to people about my work on beetles (or Coleoptera) there is often a very large elephant beetle in the room. Behind the smiles and genuine wish to appear interested, they actually think I’m a strange nerd who studies an obscure world.  Well, let me explain myself. Read more of this post

I’m fretting about our forests.

Deforestation in Bolivia. Taken from International Space Station in April 2001 (Photo: NASA)

I don’t know if you watched Foreign Correspondent the other day (Episode: Paper/Tiger, televised 2/8/2011). It was about rainforest destruction in Sumatra, Indonesia. I watched it and it was confronting. It’s had me thinking about many things. One of them, guitars.

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