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CLEAR as Mission Statement

CLEAR as blog is about adding value to the conservation science being practiced by the CLEAR as bloggers. CLEAR stands for Conservation and Landscape Ecology and Restoration, and the CLEAR as blog was established by researchers in the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the ANU working in these fields. We hope this blog will summarise our research and topics relating to it, in a manner that is accessible and interesting to the general public.

CLEAR as Policy

Disclaimer – The views expressed on this website are each contributor’s own and do not necessarily represent those of CLEAR as blog or The Australian National University.

Discussion Policy – We welcome constructive discussion of our blog posts, but ask all commenters to follow these rules:

  1. Please keep all comments relevant to the discussion at point within each post.
  2. Personal attacks (on the authors or others making comments) will be deleted.
  3. Excessive profanity, racist or sexist comments are prohibited, and will be deleted.
  4. Pseudonymous posting is allowed, but discouraged.
  5. Remember: the commenting system on the site will log IP addresses.

Credit to Conservation Bytes and Climate Shifts for our discussion policy.

New contributors welcome!

We welcome contributions from researchers outside of ANU working in similar fields. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing.

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